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What is Wide Format Printing?

One of the most common questions people ask when I tell them that I am a wide format printer is, “What is wide format printing“? I always have a very simple answer. I tell them it’s a unicorn. It’s a leprechaun. It’s a chocolate porcupine taking a shower in a butterscotch waterfall.

What is Wide Format Printing?

Then, after I have enjoyed the look of confusion on their faces, I explain it is anything you can imagine, and more.

In wide format printing you can print on such a wide array of materials that you would be hard pressed to find a need that could not be matched. From small peel and stick stickers (printed on an adhesive backed vinyl), to posters (printed on heavy poster paper), to signs on foam core (adhesive vinyl again, then applied to foam), to complete vehicle wraps (vinyl again, but a permanent material designed for outdoor use).

We have temporary materials, permanent materials, canvas for portraits, repositionable materials that can be put up on walls, and then taken down later and placed in another location. From personal uses such as your kids name cut from vinyl to put above their bed to a family portrait printed large enough to cover the biggest wall in your house to retail applications such as perforated window film (print on one side, see-thru on the other) to backlit signage to banners advertising your big sale.

I will be touching more on these individual items in the coming weeks, so please come back often. If you would like for me to cover one of these topics sooner rather than later send me a message or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to move a topic up in my schedule for you.

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