Custom Dry Erase Wall in Pediatrician’s Offices

Something The Guru has found very interesting…

There are laminates that are available that function as a “dry erase board” type coating for vinyl. I would enjoy seeing this material used in waiting rooms for pediatrician offices.
Imagine not only having a fully printed wall that is fun and full of things for the poor wee ones that aren’t feeling well to look at, but also having tic-tac-toe boards, mazes, stick figures with
blank faces to fill in! And the best part? It all just wipes away. Wait, that’s not the best part, the best part is YOU GET TO DRAW ON THE WALL WITHOUT GETTING IN TROUBLE!!!

Guru of Wide

No reason this would not work as giant “white boards” for a conference room. Or, even better, in your own home. Imagine a game/family room at your house with fun stuff printed to cover one
wall. All the same fun things I mentioned before for your kids, and right in the middle, a picture frame printed with blank white space in the center of it. Pictionary anyone?????
Word finds, hidden picture puzzles, nursery rhyme characters, “lions, tigers and bears, oh my”! As always with wide format, the possibilities are endless…….   

Dry erase wall wrap

What does everyone think? I would love to get some feedback on this. When The Odee Company starts putting some of this up, I’ll be sure to get pictures to all of you. In the meantime, as always, if
there is anything you would like information on send me a message or leave a comment and I’ll work it in sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading,
The Guru of Wide

The Odee Company; est. 1923


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